EVOLVE FOR ANIMALS is a nonprofit organization that unabashedly advocates for the total and unfettered rights of non-human animals.  While the treatment of non-human animals for our use is both egregious and disconcerting, we stand in opposition to the USE of animals - no matter the conditions or treatment - under the simple and self-evident understanding that non-human animals are persons, not property.  As long as the commodification of animals persists, improvements in our treatment of them will never amount to more than their market value to the industries that profit from them.  For this reason, we aim to educate individuals about the complete abstinence from animal use in daily life.  This means VEGANISM.

Our education-based advocacy efforts are only to this end.

Veganism - an ethic, lifestyle, and diet that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other purpose

Our Current Projects In Development:

❁  Vegan Soup Kitchens
❁  Vegan Food Sample Distribution
❁  College Campus Outreach
❁  Event Tabling
❁  Film Screenings
❁  Leafleting
❁  Tree Planting Program
❁  River Cleanup Events
❁  Speaking Engagements
❁  Educational Multimedia Content

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Lead the way.  Follow your heart.  Live VEGAN.